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TIEMA (Thirumudivakkam Industrial Estate Manufacturers Association) is established in the year 2001 to symbolize the curiosity of industrial units of Sidco Industrial Estate, Thirumudivakkam. TIEMA today has enlarged to 350 plus energetic members and signifies a huge mainstream of the small and medium scale industries community of the Sidco Industrial Estate, Thirumudivakkam. Over the years, TIEMA has expanded extensive reputation for its self-motivated execution and is healthy appreciated by governmental organizations and the media.

The association communicates with the State & Central Government, Statutory Bodies, Financial Institutions, other similar associations and works for the business promotion of its members. TIEMA has contributed in great measure towards the harmonious development of the Sidco Industrial Estate, Thirumudivakkam over the years.

The Sidco Industrial Estate areas over 200 acres with more than 350 active Tiny, Small and Medium Scale Units, The projected 10,000 work force among which about 3,000 women workers add to this industries. The various ranges of products obtainable by its members truly replicate the all-inclusive scale of industries from automobile to software excellence guidelines.

TIEMA is dedicated to take care of Quality Guidance and encouragement allied services for its members. This would be accomplished by:

  • Developing and distributing services in partnership with members and compatible Organizations.
  • Donating confidently to the transforming needs of the connections and members and the internal & external atmosphere.
  • By accepting best practices in association behaviors.

TIEMA is dedicated to obey with the members and mandatory necessities. Constantly increase QMS & structural efficiency across total participation of the Nominated Panel, Staff and its members.